The Corner Complex offers to your attention the following entertainment opportunities: *

Extreme & Hobby AWD OFF-ROAD

You don’t need to own an expensive AWD vehicle or to have special skills and experience to be an extreme sports fan of the off-road way of life. The Corner Complex offers three-day excursions in AWD off-road vehicles for groups of 4 to 6 people. The complex graciously provides the proper vehicles. The three-day package includes:

1. Three-day drive in a AWD vehicle across rugged country along rivers and hilly terrain with preset routes and after careful instruction. A professional driving instructor shall accompany you at all times.

2. Two nights at the Corner Hotel in a double room with included insurance and breakfast at the Corner Restaurant.

3. Three times BBQ lunch in n> the nature with soft drinks of your choice

4. Two dinners at the Corner Restaurant including a choice of chicken, pork or fish grill, 1 soft drink and a small jug of white or red wine.

Риболовни излети

Риболовни излети

При желание на гостите на Комплекс Корнер, ние можем да организираме различни видове развлечения и забавления, за да разнообразим ежедневието и осигурим приятни дни. При самата резервация поискайте от нас да ...

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Екстремно колоездене

Екстремно колоездене

Любители ли сте на екстремното колоездене? Ако сте или просто искате да го изживеете - поръчайте си го! НИе можем да ви организираме колоездене в селски райони, из пресечени местности със специално конструирани ...

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Fishing & hobby

Daily fishing trips to the nearby dams Vacha, Batak and Pyasachnik, rivers Maritsa and Vacha or private fish farms. The fishing places are pretreated to assure the success of your trip.

A valid fishing permit is required to take part to one of these trips. If you don’t have one, please contact us so that we can arrange one for you. It takes seven days to obtain a fishing permit, which remains valid for one year as of the date of delivery.

The package includes:

- Transfer from/to an airport

- Lodging, breakfast, lunch (picnic and BBQ in the nature) and dinner and the Corner Restaurant

- Transport from the Corner Complex to the fishing place and back, and a professional guide

- Tasting of different wines in local wine caves and various entertainment shows

Extreme biking in rural areas with rugged terrain with special bikes. Intensive biking along rivers and upland routes, visits to local farms, vineyards, wine caves, etc.

*The Services are not available at the moment. For more information, Please call (Contact us)!